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Kevin Ghedini - Graviwater

Kevin Ghedini

Fondateur de Graviwater

Drinking water by gravity!

It was in 2012 that Kevin Ghedini joined for the first time in a major international project.

The challenge ?
Treating 2.4 million liters of water from a cloudy, alkaline source every day, without being able to access the electrical network too far away in this region of Africa.

He then discovered his potential as a leader and technical leader by setting up an experienced project team capable of bringing together this execution.

Thanks to this collaboration, he designs 4 treatment lines by clarification including an automatic feed system with the sole energy of the force of the water transmitted by gravity.

For almost a decade, these factories have distributed drinking water to 700,000 people who until then had no access to it. It is a feeling of pride and honor that animates her when the factories were inaugurated on World Water Day in 2013.
It was from that day that the idea of creating a company dedicated to water professions matured, with a national and international vocation.

This founding project inspired the name of his future company: "Graviwater". The company works with large construction groups and engineering players in hydraulics and water treatment.

3 values that make Graviwater

Se onner à 100% - Graviwater

Give yourself 110%

At graviwater, we give ourselves 110% in every project we undertake
we regularly train ourselves on new technological solutions which are flourishing very quickly in our sector. we test, sort and choose the best software to perform our services while preserving budget constraints. we also have
developed an installation sizing program for chlorination systems using dosatron waterline pumps.

L'humain est important - Graviwater

Human is important

At graviwater we emphasize the safety of the staff and customers who use our products.
We also place great emphasis on well-being at work as well as sporting activities in business or outdoors.

Réussite - Graviwater

Make any project a success

We will never achieve the goals we did not set for ourselves. our perpetual goal is excellence. excellence in our services.
Excellence in our relationship with you. excellence in our life, for us and for our loved ones. It is only by climbing the steps of the first two values ​​that we can strive for excellence which is inaccessible in itself.

La Graviteam

Kevin Ghedini, fondateur de Graviwater

Kevin ghedini


✓ Founding president

✓ Engineer and hydraulics

✓ Expert in piping equipment

Diplôme, Kevin Ghedini - Graviwater



  • graduate engineer in science and technology
    water, 2009

  • Master in advanced water treatment, village hydraulics, drilling installation technique in West African plateau area

Compétences, Kevin Ghedini - Graviwater



  • water drilling practice

  • commercial negotiating

  • develop your business priorities

  • proportional dosatron dosing techniques

  • technical drawing

  • 2d / 3d process

  • autocad acu 2018

  • autocad plant 3d

Langues, Kevin Ghedini - Graviwater


Smiley - Graviwater


Smiley graviwater


Smiley Graviwater


Personnalité, Kevin Ghedini - Graviwater



  • Positive, committed, visionary

  • Genuine Swiss Army Knife. He knows how to adapt to each situation
    especially if it seems complex!

  • Passionate about sports, he wants to run a marathon and beat his record

  • Quote: "it always seems impossible until it is done!"

Travel map


Passionate about Africa: he has visited and worked in more than 20 countries

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Frédéric Ameglio - Graviwater

Frédéric Ameglio


✓ Designer designer

✓ mechanical process and piping
✓ Microsoft Linked In Master Trainer

Diplomes - Graviwater



  • BTS design of industrial products
    mechanical engineering specialty

  • Autocad 2019 trainer

Compétence - Graviwater



  • D essining in BIM with revit

  • Technical drawing process 2d / 3d acu 2018

Langues - Graviwater


Smiley - Graviwater


Smiley - Graviwater


Smiley - Graviwater


Personnalité - Graviwater



  • applied, rigorous, empathetic

  • Real relentless
    a job well done
    it will go into 4 to give you the best result.

  • passionate about music and nature. When he is not at the office he reveled in the great outdoors!

  • Quote: "Don't stress or worry, just be ready"

Travel map

In his tractibus navigerum nusquam visitur flumen sed in locis plurimis aquae suapte natura calentes emergunt ad usus aptae multiplicium medelarum. .

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Logistics team

Arnaud Antimi - Graviwater
Logo Saint Laurent Logistique - Graviwater

Arnaud Antimi


✓ Arnaud is an expert entrepreneur in order preparation and logistics.

✓ The storage area of its warehouse and its organizational spirit allow us to provide you with the best service from reception to shipping of your order.


✓ To find out more, visit

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