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Obtain the bacteriological compliance of your drinking water, without electricity

Gravikit - Graviwater
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Tuyau - Gravikit - Graviwater
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The sizing of your hydraulic chlorination system is essential


As each drinking water network is different, a detailed sizing study is recommended to guarantee the correct functioning of the system according to your field conditions.

We calculate the necessary hydraulic elements, we produce tailor-made plans and integrate them into your Gravikit ® . installation is thus facilitated and you save time

Voici les 8 raisons d'installer un GRAVIKIT®  sur votre réseau

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Qualité - Gravikit - Graviwater
Dosage proportionnel - Gravikit - Graviwater
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# 1-You save money; They are autonomous in Energy

and do not require solar panels or batteries


# 2-You respect the regulations because they   use the   only ACS hydraulic proportioners on the market

# 3-You dose according to consumption; They dose proportionally to the flow rate without a pulse generator!


# 4-You install and maintain them yourself; They are installed and adjusted manually

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Auto-amorçage - Gravikit - Graviwater
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# 5 - You master the dosage; their accuracy is not influenced by variations in pressure or flow


# 6 They are self-priming and not sensitive to outgassing


# 7 They contain a built-in flowmeter

# 8 They are compatible with acidic or alkaline reagents

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Explication du dosage du Dosatron - Gravikit - Graviwater

DOSATRON Waterline technology uses the water pressure alone as an energy source

Hydromotor operation is based on the imbalance of forces inside a chamber filled with water. The water to be treated enters the metering device and leaves it with a percentage of metered product.


A so-called "motor" piston is driven by the movement of water passing through the metering device.


The motor in turn drives a second piston called a “metering piston” which sucks, like a syringe, an adjustable volume of product to be injected. The dosage is proportional to the incoming flow, and manually adjustable by simple action on an adjustment wheel.


The "clicks" caused by the movement of the motor guarantee the correct functioning of the system. simple, reliable, precise, dare to dose without electricity!

Simplicité - Gravikit - Graviwater

Adjusting the processing rate becomes child's play!

Thanks to the graduated dosing screw, you control in real time what you dose!


You don't have to know a stroke length or pulse rate.

The dosage is proportional, visual and controlled!

Réglage facile - Gravikit - Graviwater
Raccord facile - Gravikit - Graviwater

Flow range

from 10L / h to 30m3 / h

from 0.125% to 2%

Connect, adjust, dose!

The Dosatron pump is connected in series on your water network for high accuracy, or bypass for higher flow installations.

You can install the pump in the GRAVIKIT ® formula:

-In a valve chamber or manhole isolated from the gel upstream of the tank (which we prefer for good disinfection of the stored volume.)


The pump can be installed on all materials: Steel, INOX, HDPE, PVC, Cast iron by integrating the necessary accessories included in the GRAVIKIT ® after study provided in GRAVIKIT